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WE'RE BACK.....Our Naughty Escapades 2.0

We didn't think we had more to share but turns out, we missed y'all and sharing our thoughts and stories!

We have been together for 32 years and about 10 years ago had the conversation that Nikki had some bi-sexual fantasies she was interested in exploring. Long story short.....she was all in. The more we were around lifestyle people the more we came to realize we found our people. We found the non judgement, friendly, sexually charged atmosphere to be intoxicating in its own way. We could write our story, but thought it would be more fun to tell it. We have met some amazing people and had some crazy fun and some just crazy escapades. 

So, sit back and get ready for Our Naughty Escapades 2.0, we hope you enjoy!  

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Nikki and Bob