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Easy listen

This ls podcast is on my must listen list. Fun and informative

Fun people!

Love listening to their stories and love how much fun they seem to have!

Conversational, Honest and Funny

We stumbled across this podcast and it stuck because Bob and Nikki keep it 100. The podcast is more conversational verses the produced stuff you’ll find online. You’ll definitely have to grab a drink and sit back with your partner and listen together. Did we mention Bob is hilarious? They could use some interesting segments. Keep up the great work!

Very interesting

Love listening to this podcast!!! Super honest and down to earth :)

What a SEXY Naughty podcast

My wife and I are new to “the lifestyle”. Listening to Ben and Jen have made us both more informed while being entertained. This is a must subscribe podcast if you are new to swinging. Of all the swinging related podcast we subscribe to we always go to this one first. Thanks!!! Signed, The Stalkers 👀

Great Listening!!

Came across your podcast and started listening just fo see if it was worth while. All I can say is “Damn”. You two are fun, sexy, entertaining and what a great couple you are to listen to. Ya’ll just seem to be good people. I’m now playing your podcast everyday on my 1 hour commute to work. Keep’em coming ( cumming ) lol!

Inspirational Podcasts!!!

We have been in the lifestyle for 14 years. We have been dealing with life things and been to the clubs and just haven't played for awhile. We are part of the older crowd and not sure how to mingle with the crowds anymore. We are meeting a couple camping this weekend and I am very nervous. But, I marathon listened to all the podcasts yesterday and today and I truly believe Ben and Jen has inspired me to get my groove back. Thank you for the funny and inspirational podcasts! Keep it up! Can't wait to hear more!!

Great podcast !

Started listening to a few episodes a week ago on a week long road trip with my husband and we both really enjoyed. I just listened to the camping episode and it gave me joy to know there are people who camp and swing !!! Haha my husband and I are total newbies to the lifestyle but we love camping and hope to find some future camping swingers to hang with in our area ! Love the podcast guys !

Love the honesty

Great podcast and look forward to more. How about dark hair with emerald green eyes? Wink wink.

Love your podcasts

Always enjoy lilstening to your podcasts. Always interesting and informative!

Great podcast

Love your podcast. Please continue. Look forward to each new episode